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 The Raver Chronicles (preview) 85 megs
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Trevor on the left, Kool Aid on right

Rave, or raving mad? Are the members of the younger generation losing their minds? Just who ARE these teeny bopper glow stick toting kids who have hundreds of evian plasic water bottles, vicks inhalers, menthol cigarettes, and blow pops in their backpacks? What goes on when the weekend comes up, and the MDMA pills go down?  Is it safe? Is the world safe? Will animosity and war as we know it cease to exist when all anyone can remember to do is to drink water, hug someone, and ask if perhaps they have a menthol cigarette? This is a very serious documentary that hopes to shed some light on the subject as we follow the lives of two poor, sick, ecstasy fiends - Trevor and Kool Aid, traveling from rave to rave on a 30 day non stop binge.  

NOTE: This is only a preview, showing the morning of DAY 9. It is an mpeg1 file that is 85 megs so you'd better have a cable modem or you will have to leave your computer on all night at 28.8 to get it. We are working on a streaming version but streaming video on the web still pretty much stinks unless you have a cable modem.

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