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The Quan Chronicles "Quanicles" or "who's doing that voice?"

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QuaniclesThe Greater God, the hot dog lie detector test, warfare in south vietnam, and the great master Shredder. Just when you thought that you had heard the most gullible people in the world with Irving and Anne from the Dog Beaters call, along comes Quan, a person who truly might have one of the lowest collective IQs on the planet. In actuallity, these calls were made far before the Dog Beaters, but they were lost for 2 years! Oh the joy I experienced when I was cleaning out an old closet and found a tape with the word "Quan" written on it in black marker.Shredder

In this epic series of calls that lasted an entire evening,  I play 4 different characters; John Dandell (who is once again in action as a police officer who works specificaly for a telephone company), the operator - Joana, the ancient ninja master - master Shreddar (known thoughout these calls as... the voice.), and the 15 year old - Matt Cheddar.  Poor Quan has no idea I am doing all the voices and truly believes that all of these people are real (except for the voice of master Sheddar, who he thinks is Matt) and will do anything to convince the cop (John Dandell) that Matt Cheddar (the teenage mutant ninja turtles fan) is crank calling him. To make things even funnier, I even let one of the characters I am doing, Joana (the operator), side with Quan. Now I don't find The Ratout that Quan's name is Quan until far into the call. So don't be confused when you hear me calling him Tam or Yam. I originally decided to just call a fun sounding oriental name from the phone book and the name I picked was Tam Yam Chor, who it turns out is Quan's dad.

This is the longest crank call I ever did to one person, but it is also one of the funniest - so make yourself comfortable, really comfortable, because the playing time is a little over a half hour.

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