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Blackout's Films Videos & Sketches:
LAST UPDATED 01/29/2011

          Trailer: Zorlack Takes Manhattan  (PG)  NEW!
          Dogercise(TM) - the new workout sensation  (PG)  NEW!
          World Travels with Trumpet the Complimentary Dinopup (PG) NEW!
          Trumpet the Complimentary Dinopup - STREET FIGHTER II (R) NEW!
          Trumpet the Complimentary Dinopup - SCIENTOLOGY! (PG) NEW!
          Trumpet the Complimentary Dinopup - New York City Musicals (G) NEW!
          Blackout as Milton Butterfly in FILM CONTEST? (PG13) NEW!
          The New Hathouse Studio? (G) NEW!
          Movie In a Minute: Toothpaste (G) 
          New blurpinkle studio teaser clip (PG) 
          Movie In a Minute: The Chase (G)  SUSPENSE!
          Wicked Retard Cries! (dumb)  OLD!
          Trumpet Tango! (Weeee..!) 
          Trumpet - For the Love of Goat! (PG) 
          Destiny Origin - QT WinMedia (G) 
    Dude Where's My Brain?  (PG-13)
    The Quiznos Corporate Scandal (PG-13)
          Smallville Parody (R)
          The DROP (bungee dating) (G)
          The 1-900 Girls (PG)
          Milky  (can you down 1 gallon of whole milk in one sitting?)
          The Hair Catastrophe II (PG)
          Malinda Wakes Up (PG-13)
          Christopher Walken Teaches History (PG)
          The Zorlack Screen Test (G)
          The Snow White Project (PG)
          The Raver Chronicles (PG-13)
          Y-Man Returns (PG)
          The STAR WARS KID Gone Wild (G)
          The SWK Prequel - THE FATTER MENACE

    Behind the Horror - Halloween Horror Nights special dsl/cable

 Blackout's Box Fans & Fan work
 Larry's B-Box Liner: A True Fan!  WMV Dsl/Cable  

 Philosophy, Spirit & What the Bleep Else!
 BLACKOUT nterviews Doctor Love     
  Dr Love's advice - never lose your inner child! Filmed at Prophets Conference
 BLACKOUT & INNER VOICE video  Dsl/Cable     
 Blackout jams with the band Inner Voice at the Prophets Conference
 Interview with Christopher Westra of icreatereality.com









 Blackout's Box LIVE! Clips and Shows:
broadband and winamp, recommended for best quality

LAST UPDATE 01/29/2011

Past Full Radio Show Archives:

 Are you ready to be micro chipped in a cashless society?
 Plus family & fathers, Eldeberry's balls & Gladys & Malahk call in.
 Super show! Dingo gets drunk.. again, lots of new twitter folk,
 addiction discussion, dead people make up, chanting &
 Arnold Schwarzenegger's angry balls.
 Blackout says: "Do drugs and play kazoos. It's good for you." 
 Prankathon Preview, Block O Cheese, Youtube bashing!

 Blackout's Box LIVE! 12/25/08  Christmas be DAMNED! 
 Yeah, Christmas sucks this year.. join me in the bah humbug!
 Toys, Beer, Depression, Holisuckdays - new studio!
 Blackout discusses life as an Alter Boy, Sexy Azzy calls in,
 Gladys & Dandell search for the stolen "G".
 2nd show broadcast live from New York City.
 Blackout's Box LIVE! 9/08/05 128k MP3  
 The journey into Laquisha & choose your own adventure.
 Blackout's Box-B-Que Drunken Debauchery Insult Maximus Show!
 The local yocals get crazy with the hat man, lots of scotch, cheese, and
 cuckoo juice, so  "shut the %#&! up" and start drinking, cursing, insulting,
 or massaging  the person next to you nigga! (WARNING ADULT)

 Blackout goes crazy interacting with the chatroom after What the BLEEP!?
 Snoop, Gay 80s Stuff, Darth Gayder, Gem, Sean Connery,  Hunter S  Thompson

 42! HHGTTG, Prags, Star Trek Wars, Paygals, Holograms & Creating Your
 Reality, Poppycock  the Musical, Tesser calls in &  much  more!

 April Fools Show -Flip, wild dogs, valley girls, the pope &  movie trailers!
 Surprise Easter special! Jesus, Satan, The Marriot & The Exorcist 2012
 New intro, WDF Eat Drink, Be Happy, FX battle, G(unn) 5 star show!
 Blackout's Box LIVE! 2/24/05 ***** MP3Pro cable/dsl
Slater, 2-XL, New Pranks, Teletype & Kojo destroys his Apt.

Blackout's Box Audio Sketches:

Old WKPX No Class "I Aint Got No Turkeys
A Crackhouse Christmas
My First Poop
Exotic Escorts Infomercial

Blackout's Box  Prank Calls

blackout radio returns 
  LASTEST PRANK! 01/26/11 - Eldeberry's Balls The hoodlums! The scoundrels!! They have my BALLS!
  BRAND NEW PRANK! 02/01/10 - The Grand Old Gospel Hour Blackout pranks Clint's Mom - Gladys is putting on a show!
  BRAND NEW PRANK! 12/14/09 - Nothing but a "G" thing Gladys and John Dandell are back and want thier G back.
  PRANK ABOUT PORN! 10/23/08 -   Craigslist Porn Tapes after a year of silence, Blackout returns as Helmut Yellzabar!
11/05/06 -
Arnold Swarzeneggar & Chris Walken call..nowhere? "I know a thing or two"
10/19/06 -
Is all smoking bad for you? No, just catching fire. (payperprank - deadendz)
12/25/05 -
Automated Phone system 4000 prank she thinks it's all real.
11/14/05 -
Cat Freezer Why does a man keep a dead cat in his freezer?
  Teletype ARGGGG!
05/14/05 -
Teletype Call  "Lobster" Part I   MP3Pro 64k DSL/Cable
  PIRATES continued
05/14/05 -
Teletype Call  "Lobster" Part II   MP3Pro 64k DSL/Cable
02/22/05 -
Blackout Pranks Christian Slater  (original - unedited)   MP3 DSL/Cable
05/14/05 -
Blackout Pranks Christian Slater  (Edit for Stern show) MP3 DSL/Cable
05/14/05 -
Gladys in "The Secret To Life"  MP3 DSL/Cable
John Blackman!
03/18/06 -
Buttworm    Multiple Formats Dialup/DSL/Cable




(note: some are in old RealAudio format, they can be played with VLC player - these will be fixed

The Evil Kazoo Player
Operation:  Turbo Boost
The Dog Beaters
Gladys' Broken Toy
Gimme a Smart One
Corporate Shit
The First Gladys Call
Kabooki Warrior Party
Precious Moments
I've Never Had Coffee With You, I Own a Green Jeep
The Quanicles
The Sins of Kilty O'Neal
Hair Catastrophe
The Rrrrrrrooksnitchzien Society
I've Got Talent! (part 1)
Malcolm and the White Boys
Are You Crazy?
Chen Lee and...
the Burning Pot of Fire
Take Your Medicine
Grandma & Jacklyn
The Weiners
Green Poopies & Rio Hair







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