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Blackout's Box -  The Insanity Volume 1
(C) 1998-2000 Blackout's Box Entertainment

Catalog Number: 0002691

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 The Insanity Volume I 

Now you can OWN your own Blackout's Box CD with all the calls and characters you love from the web site and TV show, but at CD quality! The Dog Beaters, The Sins of Kilty O'Neal, Grandma & Jacklyn, Gimme a Smart One, The Rrrrrrooksnitchzien Society, The Hair Catastrophe, I've Got Talent (starring Mikey Christopher Lewis, and as a special bonus - a Crackhouse Christmas. This CD is packed to the hilt with 74 minutes of gut busting, tear causing, laugh so hard you will pee on your good sheets material. Play it in your car, play it at a friends house, bring production to a total hault by playing it at your office - or put it on your school's morning anouncements.  For mass hysteria, play it at a party. Blackout's Box CDs are guaranteed to cause intense laughing fits anywhere!  


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