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Blackout's Box -  The Insanity Volume II
(C) 1998-2000 Blackout's Box Entertainment

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The Insanity Volume II 

Just when you thought you could breath again, it's the 2nd Blackout's Box CD - The Insanity Volume II! This is a special mixed mode CD. When put into a CD player it acts like a normal CD, with over an hour of  CD quality tracks featuring Gladys in: Are You Crazy, Take Your Medicine, Hello Mother@^%#er, Gimme a Smart One, and Corporate Sh!t. PLUS Malcolm and the White Boys, Yoyoyoyoyo, and Chen Lee and the Burning Pot of Fire.

As if that wasn't enough, there is a hidden track of never before heard material, AND when you put this CD in your computer, it has all the RealAudio files on this site up to Febuary 1st 1999.  That's over 4 HOURS of B-Box insanity! You may need an oxygen tank standing by after this! The RealAudio files can also be copied so you can give your friends your favorite crank on a floppy disk - But please don't give them all away, I have to sell some of these CDs you know!  


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