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The Evil Kazoo Player

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 Rated PG13, contains some strong language & sexual situations.
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Playing Time:  Approx 16 minutes 14 seconds. 

kazoo pic

Ok, I know I say this about a lot of the calls that I do, but this call is just FUCKING RIDICULOUS! 

There is just nothing else to say about it that quite sums it up.  This is another gem picked from Blackout's Box LIVE
... I had a very hard time settling on the name "The Evil Kazoo Player" for this one because that only touches a fraction of what the call is all about.  Other titles that would have been just as fitting are: "The House Of Sin", "Schizophrenia", "Is This Real?", "Kicking it like a Jugergad", "Your Dog Knows More than You Think He Does", or "Don’t act like the Cadbury Bunny".

Gladys goes deep into the sub conscious dream world of Jane.  That’s the only way I can perceive it.  That this lady was half asleep and woke up in the morning saying something like, "wow I had the strangest dream last night... that some old lady told me I was a sinner, and to get married and not belittle my dog.. and... and... something about kazoos and a bunny?

This call in a roundabout way is part II to the Jamie laughter call.



 Gladys - Michael Biggins (Blackout)
 Backup Kazoo Players  -  Jeff Costantino
                                       James Jacoby

(c) 1995-2002 Blackout's Box Entertainment

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