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 Malinda Wakes Up

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Aww, don't you wanna hug?


Blackout's Box the TV show. 
The boob tube will never be the same again.

This one comes from the Blackout’s Box Old School collection... meaning it is an older sketch done while I was still in school.  Sound good? Originally I had thought many of my older works were destroyed in the fire that burned down my house and studio, but luckily, I had a fireproof case in which I kept a lot of audio and video tapes, reel to reels, and some DAT tapes. I finally got to checking some of the tapes, and low and behold they were not melted down as I had imagined. So here they are for your enjoyment. Because I did this one before I got my digital equipment, the quality of the recording is not as good, it was shot on Hi8, but it has been preserved as best as possible. 

Malinda, the main character in this short film, is actually the same character most Blackout’s Box fans know as Jacqueline - from the Grandma & Jacqueline prank call that is up on the site.  This sketch was done far before that prank was, and it was originally played for a live audience during one of the many ‘Rebels Without Applause’ improv comedy shows that I performed in South Florida.  Malinda was an ongoing character I performed live on stage. She was a girl with no conscience, who acted cute and light all the time, even while doing the most horrendous things.  The idea originally came to me while I was watching an episode of 60 Minutes, where they were showing a real girl who actually had this strange problem - a total and complete lack of understanding of what we would call right and wrong.

So please understand that this is a character piece, and no animals or small children were actually harmed during the making of it.  It always amazes me the amount of angry e-mail I get from people wondering if the kittens are okay. Well yes, they’re fine.

Warning: Malinda is EVIL,  don't act like this at home!


Malinda - - - Michael Biggins
Camera  - - - Shane Bushman
Script by - - - Michael Biggins

Special thanks to the kitty who didn't move.

(c) 1995-2003 Blackout's Box Entertainment

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