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warning This site is not for anal retentive or easily offended people. If you take life too seriously, think that a prank call is a carnal sin, or if you are one of those people who fail to see the humor in anything but your mother's own knock knock jokes, then please go away, there's nothing for you here.  BUT, if you have come to Blackout's Box because you are tired of all the  boring crap on the web and want something funny, something really funny, then you've come to the right place.  Be advised, however, that some of the material here at Blackout's Box has explicit language (GASP!).  Not all, but some, so there are warnings next to the material that is, for lack of a better word...explicit.  What does this mean?  Well, if you are a parent, you have the right to severely beat your kids if you catch them listening to anything here without your consent. Barring that one small disciplinary detail, let me welcome you to the Box,  Blackout's Box that is.  A completely original and geniusly silly comedy, sketch, film, prank call, music, philosophy, art, culture, radio show, soon to be TV show, and all around insanely creative site and community on the net, using MP3Pro streaming for crystal clear CD quality audio and Windows Media and Quicktime streaming for video - so you can listen to or watch anything you'd like  instantly just by clicking on it.  No more having to wait around downloading huge files! I am in the process of phasing out RealPlayer media which has turned into a total piece of  bloated  !@$#. Oh, dear me, did I not introduce myself? What a rude bastard I can sometimes be! Hello, I'm Blackout. That's me - the red one on the right.  Just kidding.  I'm the cat in the hat in the main logo up top to the left , but if you really want to see me and some of my freinds and cohorts who hang around  this place, check out the view in the PICTURE BOX. If you're curious how I got the nickname Blackout and created this site called Blackout's Box, you'll want to read the origin story.  I'm an actor,  singer,  writer , warning director, producer, philosopher, learner, teacher, and all around creator of fun ideas and things.  Oh yeah...  I'm a web developer too. Just like Spider-Man.  Amazing, isn't it?   Before I LEGO my EGO, let me also inform you that I'm also the guy doing most of the voices and characters in the things you'll find on this site and on the radio show, except for of course, the voices of the wonderful fools on the other end of the line in the prank calls, and the voices of the guests on the radio show (although... sometimes, the guests are not real, and it is just me messing with you).  Why do I do this?  Other than my sick and twisted love of the twisted and sick, the ridiculous, and the ludicrous? What is my real motivation?  Well...world domination of course, and the elimination of Whitney Houston from this planet, as well as the super spectacular throw down ho down battle finale between the forces of good and the satanic free mason matrix illuminati shape shifting lizard ThingaMcCreatures(tm)  -   But making you laugh until you reach the point of extreme nausea from lack of oxygen will have to suffice for now.   


DISCLAIMER: Whatever happens to your brain from the material on this site is yo own damn fault! Period. Blackout & da crew take no responsibility fo nothing ya'll doos to yo's selves!

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