The Zorlack Screen Test - 40 megs
Right click here & choose SAVE LINK AS to download

Play with Windows Media Player

Download Time:cable/dsl modem - 6 mins
Download Time:standard modem - 2 hours

Playing Time:  Approx 4 minutes. 
The file is VideoCD compliant.

We recommend that you download this file with a dsl/cable modem for efficiency or late at night if you have a normal modem. 

If you just click on the link instead of right clicking and saving, it will launch Media Player, make sure you SAVE the file after you play it or it will be lost!


Blackout's Box the TV show. 
The boob tube will never be the same again.

One of the characters we are going to feature in the Blackout’s Box TV show is an evil alien who is constantly trying to takeover the earth. His main way of doing this is by, can you guess?  Interrupting the Blackout’s Box TV show’s signal and broadcasting his demands.

We’re not quite sure, or maybe he’s not quite sure, what his name is, but he wants it to be a very evil name, so he changes his mind quite a bit to be intimidating to the dumb humans. It's something with a Z most likely, because Z is...well, evil.  Zorlack will do for now.

On his planet, kittens are food, but cats are transportation - so you can see the dilemma that his race faces. 

Oh, did I mention that they breed deadly killer ferrets that are trained to hunt and destroy human feet?   Yes, it's true, they do. You should pray that you never come in contact with one of these nasty things.

Here then, for your enjoyment, or perhaps for your peril, are some of the screen tests.. AHEM.. broadcasts...  we have been shooting. Consider it a preview of a work in  progress.  We don’t have a finalized set for the space ship, and of course everything you wil be looking at here is very rough and a lot of improv, but it will give you an idea of what is to come.

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